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Our goal has always been to bring the most advanced and highest quality Volkswagen and Audi racing components to the marketplace.

Eurospec's product line is composed of an ever-changing selection of unique and noteworthy racing components delivered at competitive prices.

We are constantly looking for and developing better and more advanced products to supply the serious racer with top quality performance and durability. The design of our online catalog provides for regular updates and modifications as needed. Eurospec's website is a "living document." As motor racing technology advances, the needs of our customers and the types of components we produce and sell will inevitably change. As these changes take place, our site will be updated in order to include components for new and developing engines and race technologies.

CNC MachineWe have been in the Volkswagen and Audi parts business for over thirty-five years and have worked within the motorsports arena for most of this time. We have always prided ourselves on offering a unique product line, full of innovative and advanced components not available elsewhere.

Many of the components offered by Eurospec are produced in-house at our CNC equipped design and machining facility. The other products we offer are produced all over the globe by companies we know and trust for their superior quality, innovation and dependability.

Together with these longstanding associates, Eurospec provides the highest quality and the most dynamic line of Volkswagen and Audi motor racing components offered anywhere.