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Eurospec Oiling Systems

Eurospec Dry Sump System and Kits

Reacting to constant requests to bring back another dry sump system, we are introducing our all new dry sump for the 06A, 06B and 06F family of engine blocks. A lot of effort went into this system to provide the racer with a complete ready to run oiling system. The system is comprised of the following four kits.

Basic System: Comprised of the following: A three stage pump with two scavenge sections and a single adjustable pressure section, a mounting plate which is machined from solid 6061 T6. This plate provides the most ridged means of mounting the pump as compared to blade or bracket mounted pumps, an oil flange that provides for filter mounting, as well as internal passaging and a drilling for an oil temp probe, a fabricated oil pan with assembled pump to pan oil lines, all fittings required, a harmonic balancer, all pulleys and belts plus six feet of dash 10 hose to run an external oil cooler in the pressure section.

Tank System: consisting of a cleanable 2 Gallon oil tank, a breather tank.

Alternator System: consisting of a new 70 amp alternator, alternator bracket, serpentine tensioner bracket, belt, pulley and hardware.

Power Steering System: consisting of a power steering pump, pump mounting bracket, drive belt, pulley as well as all mounting hardware.

Part Number Description Price
Basic System

EDS 198 105 A

Consists of all parts needed to for Basic System installation

Alternator Kit

EDS Alternator Kit

Consists of all parts needed to for Alternator System installation

Power Steering Kit

EDS Power Steering Kit

Consists of all parts needed to for Power Steering System installation

Tank Kit

EDS Tank Kit

Consists of all parts needed to for Tank System installation. Capacity = 2 US gallons or 7.57 liters

Oil Pan Protector

This high quality, high-impact plastic oil pan cover is an absolute must for any car with sport suspension or lowered ride height. Prevent oil pan punctures - save yourself massive time and money. Fits 99+ Golf/Jetta/New Beetle. 2.0 liter and 1.9 TDI.

Oil Pan
Part Number Description Price
06A 103 660 Oil pan protector, 99+ VW Golf/Jetta/NB 2.0, 1.9 TDI $27.00

Oil Pan Extension

Adds 2 full quarts to stock capacity. Fits MK2, MK3 Golf/Jetta 1.8 and 2.0 liter.

Oil Pan Extension
Part Number Description Price
EOP 103 601 Oil pan extension, 85-98 VW Golf/Jetta 1.8L and 2.0L $250.00

Steel Oil Pans

More durable than stock aluminum pan and includes gasket and transmission cover. Must shorten original oil pan bolts for installation. Fits Mk IV Golf, Jetta, NB with 2.0L and TDI.

Steel Oil Pan
Part Number Description Price
038 198 603 MS Steel oil pan, MK4 VW Golf/Jetta/NB 2.0, 1.9 TDI $99.00

Steel / Aluminum Oil Pans

The best of both worlds. The lightweight and good thermal qualities of aluminum combined with the ground strike protection of steel. Available as a complete set to replace your old pan. Protect your investment.

Oil Pan   Oil Pan
Non-Turbo   Turbo
Part Number Description Price
06A 103 601 TC 2.0 & TDI $105.00
038 198 603 K 1.8T Turbo $249.00